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Not Knowing

If you are serious about knowing God, then you need to get serious about not knowing.  One result of the fall is that we are all basically prone to illusion.  This makes one wonder why we should even attempt to know God. The only answer is because God wants to be known, and He will teach us.

I have to admit that the more I feel that I know God, the more I know that He is past finding out.  Rather than discourage me, it actually amazes me.  I am humbled by the fact that despite how magnificent He is in relation to how fallen I am He still wants me to know Him. He blesses all my attempts to seek Him, even my failures.  In fact, my failure to know Him is a backwards way of helping me to know Him more because I must learn humility to know God.
My pride keeps me determined to look at life my own way and ignore that my way is a sure sign that my view of God is most inaccurate.  I naturally blame Him when things go wrong or expect that I have to beg Him to see things from my point of view.This…

The Three Ways

In the fourth century Evagrius Ponticus described three levels of spiritual growth which is the basis of all orthodox Christian spiritual direction.These are commonly known as Purgative, Illuminative and Unitive.

I have found the three ways helpful guides as I long to grow closer to God.They help me recognize spiritual growth in my life as well as explain spiritual progress to others.These three ways point me to God and show me how to detach from the world. They remind me that the goal of my Christian life is to be one with God.
In the Purgative, souls purge themselves from the world.Along with humility, losing interest in the world’s offerings is the real beginning of the spiritual journey.Finally the world pales in comparison to knowing the love of God.Priorities change.How you think about material possessions becomes transformed.Jesus called us to humble repentance.That is the first stage of returning to our true identity as God’s dearly beloved children.The purgative is a conversio…

Different Paths

On my recent vacation I found myself on a mini silent retreat on a rocky beach line.When on silent retreats I usually go off on adventures with God and explore as much as I can of His beauty in creation.I had a destination in mind.I wanted to walk as far along the coast.

The day they left I set out on my own journey.It was treacherous at spots and I was the only one venturing on such a quest.Half way through the journey my shoe tore so I was determined to accomplish the goal that day while I was still able to wear it.I had to be so careful that I kept my eyes on the ground almost the whole time.I was doing a lot of praying, but my prayers were for safety and prevention from a broken leg or twisted ankle.I felt the angels all around as I prayed Psalm 121 the whole way there.Mission accomplished, I felt proud of myself and felt I was getting some good exercise as well.
On the way back, which always feels longer, I looked up more often to take in the beauty of my new surroundings.I thought…

Why Me?

When something tragic or unexpected happens, our first question seems to be, Why me?It’s only human to feel this way and wonder why life has got to be so hard.God has helped me look at my unwanted circumstances with a different question.Rather than keep the focus on my pain and ask, Why me? I focus on Him and wonder, How can You be glorified when everything is going wrong?
Adding one more word to that question makes a huge difference spiritually and opens my soul to find so much more than just my pain.Another way to look at life’s tragedies is, Why not me?Sure, we each have our own amount of personal sorrows. These are the kind of sorrows that have no answers.We can't explain away death, cancer, rape, bankruptcy and other heartaches.It is easier to explain the tragedies of man than it is to explain the goodness that continues to exist on this earth.This question can lead us to wonder, Why, with the huge amount of evidence of the coldness of man’s heart, is there so much…