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Mystery of the Lord’s Prayer

We call it the Lord’s Prayer, but it is the prayer the Lord taught the disciples to pray.It is so rich insights into the connection we are able to make with God our Father in prayer.St. Cyprian wrote,

What deep mysteries, my dearest brothers, are contained in the Lord’s Prayer!How many and great they are!They are expressed in a few words but they are rich in spiritual power so that nothing is left out; every petition and prayer we have to make is included.It is a compendium of heavenly doctrine.[i]
This prayer invites us to envision the spiritual reality of God, heaven, earth, troubles, glory and power.If prayed from the heart, it will open your soul to make a genuine and satisfying spiritual connection.The Lord’s Prayer calls us first to imagine that we are talking to our Father.What mysteries are contained in just those two opening words!Only four children can honestly call my earthly father dad; but when it comes to God, every person on this earth is welcome to an intimate and carin…

What I Didn't Expect

I had a lot of expectations for a personal retreat I attended with my daughter at Laity Lodge in South Texas.I expected to have a great time with her and with God bonding in a special setting and with great leaders.I had been there once before and did not bring my bathing suit so I expected to go back to the famous blue hole and take a long deep jump into its pristine splendor.All of these realities took place.It’s what I didn’t expect that changed me the most.
I did not expect that this retreat would become a pivotal retreat in my relationship with God.I attend lots of spiritual retreats in amazing settings, and I am always changed and moved by God’s presence in my life.This was different.This was transformational.Many lessons from the past five years were detonated like a Fourth of July fireworks display in my soul.I don’t think I could have understood the lessons from the past five years as clearly as I did until this weekend!It makes me realize and wonder about how much more God w…

When You Least Expect Him

Something you really need to learn about God is that He will always do what you least expect.In fact, I had a seminary professor who advised, if you want to know God’ will, then think about what you want and do the opposite.I wouldn’t go that far; but if you want to make progress on the spiritual journey, you will only make real progress through hope.

I wrote earlier in the year about my disappointment with God for not allowing Brian and me to go to the Holy Land together.I’m embarrassed about how much resistance I gave to God’s invitation.Just when I conceded to the fact that God may not want us to go on that pilgrimage together, my husband wins a trip to the Holy Land and I can go with Him.Of all the scenarios that I came up with about how Brian and I could go to Israel together, I can guarantee you that this one never crossed my mind!
Jesus’ haunting words about the people of Jerusalem from Matthew 23:37 expose how sad our wrong expectations are.Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the…

Surrendering Your Will

On the moment by moment journey to focus your heart, mind and spirit on God, you will need to come to terms with your will.
Your will is incredibly weak.It desires the gifts of God, but it does not desire to give up your own rational and emotional responses that are necessary to surrender to the will of God.Your will is that God will give you all His gifts like peace, joy, love, self-control.Your will is that He do it your way and in your time.You want God’s will when you are walking into a difficult meeting, and you need the supernatural power of God to bring unity.You want His will when you are enduring another sleepless night and you just want peace.You don’t want His will when you are faced with the chocolate cake that looks so appealing; therefore you can see how it can work into your healthy eating plan.Or you will not have it any other way except to send off the email that expresses your righteous anger against the leader of your church.
Surrendering your will is hard work becaus…