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God's Purpose

I saw this video at and it got me to thinking.What was the life of the widow of Nain’s son like after he was resurrected by Jesus (Luke 15:11-16)?What was God’s purpose for his life?He was never mentioned again in the biblical literature.There’s not much about Lazarus or Jarius’ daughter either (Luke 8:40-56).The last time Jesus raised someone from the dead while He lived on earth was Lazarus (John 11:38-43).John’s gospel implies that this action of Jesus, raising Lazarus from the dead, was the last straw for the religious Jews.They became extremely threatened by Jesus as they saw their peers believing in Him after witnessing this miracle. When I thought about the modern event, it made me wonder about these people who had such a supernatural event occur in their lives.What was God’s purpose for raising them in particular?While Jesus lived on earth, there were many people who died.Why were these particul…

What If?

Robert Fitzpatrick spent most of his retirement savings on getting the word out that Jesus would return through the clouds at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on May 21, 2011.When I read rapture predictions I immediately wonder, Why does this man think God would tell him this date when He told us that date is not for us to know?You don't need to know Greek or Aramaic (original languages) to see that clearly.Jesus does not know the date.The angels don't know the date. Jesus told us that only the Father knows the date (Matthew 24:36).By the way, Jesus is just fine with not knowing.He trusts God. The Bible is very clear that we will not be told a date and time.You can read it from Jesus’ mouth—Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, Acts 1 or from Paul’s perspective 1 Thessalonians 5.We have been told what we need to know.It’s not that we should not think about Jesus return. We should.I found it ironic that my daily devotional reading on May 21, 2011 was Acts 1:11.It says, Men of Galilee, th…

My identity


My Identity
            My husband does everything he can to protect my online identity.  Those who know me well wrote to inform me that my identity had been hijacked and that I should inform Brian.  They know that I am not that great with computer issues but that I am married to an expert.  I was very troubled by this experience as I hate that someone would steal my identity. 
            In going through this incident, I realized that my identity couldn't really be stolen.  People who knew me knew that I wouldn't just send a link without an explanation.  Even if you only know me through the weekly devotions I write, you probably didn't believe that it was me writing without a spiritual application.  Hopefully we are all a little wary of mysterious links even if they are sent from a reliable email address.  There is more to a personal identity than just an address book. 
            I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.  It is so common to have our identi…
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Did you ever think about the fact that Christ was buried at sunset and rose again at sunrise? When I felt God leading me to catch as many sunrises and sunsets as possible for my Lenten fast, I did not make the connection to Easter weekend.

Watching a sunset was not as simple as watching the sunrise. I could not see the sunset from my home. I needed to walk or bike down to the end of my street. The first day, the sunset illuminated the sky just over the rooftops. I passed people who could see the beauty from my same perspective, yet everyone was so focused on other things they missed it. One man was doing some yard work; cars were scurrying by. As far as I knew, I was the only one who was looking at the color and splendor spread across the …