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Moment by Moment

Don’t miss the moments.Every day God sends us a moment of hope and love.In fact, I’m guessing that every day there are a myriad of opportunities that we might realize are just from God.The problem is that we don’t really live in the moments.Rather, we live for the tasks or events of the day.

The spiritual life is about moments.I need accountability to capture my moments.My husband helps me with this.We try to ask each other what was our Bonum Dei—God-given good—for that day.It can be as basic as having air to breathe, or as sweet as the smile of a child who is happy to see you.These simple moments break up the mundane of living and weave together the message of God’s love and purpose for your life.
I learned Bonum Dei from my spiritual director; the ancient Christians also practiced a spiritual discipline of Examen that focuses on recognizing the daily.Daily examens are perfect for the end of the day when you stop and consider what part of your day that you felt most loved by God—that i…

Loving the Wrath of God

I like shocking titles.I’m not sure I achieved what I set out to say with the title I chose.I want to be clear.The wrath of God is good.We would be lost without it.I’m absolutely indebted to the wrath of God.I can honestly say that when I truly take in God’s wrath, I can sleep better at night knowing that all will be made right in the world.

Where are these thoughts coming from?I’ve had a hard couple of weeks.I’ve had to face some harsh realities of this world.I have been powerless to change them.They stink.There is no other way to say it.There is so much in this world that is not right and will not be put right in the forseeable future.It is what it is.
But it isn’t.It may appear to be what it is, but it isn’t done.It’s not over.What happens in my lifetime is not over when I die.There is a day when all will be made right by the wrath of God.The wrath of God is also the righteousness of God.He is holding back His wrath so that we humans stand a chance.If God did not hold back His wrath …

Saying Grace

I have a challenge for you this week.Really listen to each person who leads you in prayer, not just on Sundays during a worship service but anytime anyone prays whether opening a meeting, over lunch, or because someone is in need.Listen for the grace.
While you are at it, listen to your own prayers.Survey them for grace.J.I. Packer asks: Do you claim to know the love and grace of God in your own life?Prove your claim, then, by going and praying likewise.Prayers reveal if we know the love and grace of God.
I know I fail to recognize the reality of grace in my daily life.I cheapen grace by overlooking my own personal sins and those of people who sin like me.I distance myself from God when I use prayer as a social custom to open or close a meeting rather than address Him in humility and recognize the goodness of God’s grace that allows me to talk to Him through prayer.
I ignore grace when I wake up each morning demanding that the day give me all the air I need to breathe, hot water for my s…