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A Guest Author

One week from today my best friend, husband, everything to me received his greatest affirmation of his faithful love for God and ministry to His children by getting to go be with God early!He died after 51 years of faithful service and being my husband for 27 years.There is a gigantic glacier size hole in my heart.A friend of my daughter Rachel blogged about the day we celebrated his life at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas.I’m sharing her blog—the address is at the end of this long entry.I thought this might be a good way for you to be more acquainted with the place I will be writing from in the coming weekly deovtions.Brian loved to call himself my webmaster!I just spend an hour updating subscribes and unsubscribes for the first time since beginning this ministry.We did it together.I covet your prayers for me my daughter Rachel and son Ben.We had a wonderful husband and father for which we are most grateful, but we are overwhelmed with sorrow because we don’t have him here with …